Stacey Dash tells Meredith that she feels like gender inequality is an excuse, and that opportunities should be pursued in order to earn pay equality. What are your thoughts?

Fox News contributor Stacey Dash sparked controversy last year when she told Meredith Vieira that when it comes to closing the gender wage gap, women need to simply work harder and stop complaining.


“It’s an excuse. Stop making excuses. If there are opportunities, seize them. And be prepared for them. And be the best, if that’s what it takes. If you have to be extraordinary, be extraordinary.”

When told about women making seventy cents for every dollar a man makes, Dash said:

“I don’t know if that’s true. I know that the numbers are true, but I feel like your daughter will be able to make as much money as she wants in her life. Just like you are. I mean, look at you.”

But 11 years earlier, Dash couldn’t find work and needed $6,000 a month in support from her fiancé, Maby, to cover her expenses.

Maby went on to marry her in 2005, but they divorced in 2006. He is the father of her daughter Lola and was Dash’s second of three husbands.

Stacey was Maby’s first wife. His second wife was Landon Clements of Bravo’s Southern Charm, whom he married in 2008 and split from in 2012.

Dash filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in May 2004 and said she had only $28,582 in assets but $157,703.53 in liabilities owed to creditors.

Source:The Meredith Vieira Show

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