Everyone is familiar with boredom and the disproportionate amount of despair that it can seem to inspire in you when you don’t know how to deal with it. Fortunately, you live in a time when convenience is prioritized above all else, meaning that whether you know it or not, you have a way to handle this boredom right now, if you so desire – in the form of your smartphone.

You might be familiar with passing the time by simply scrolling through social media, but there’s much more that you could do with it than that; you just need to open your eyes to the possibilities. Once you do so, you might be surprised at how infrequently you find yourself plagued with that familiar sensation of malaise.

Mobile Games

You might not be someone who has historically necessarily been interested in using their phone for gaming purposes, but that could be something that changes when you look at the options available. It’s easy to think of mobile games as simply being simplistic titles such as Fruit Ninja, but times have changed, and now there are many genres and titles available, many of which you might find personally appealing.

Beyond what you can find on the app store, there are also online casinos, such as spinpalace.com, which might be a good entry point for you into the medium if you’re familiar with those kinds of games from real-world venues and outlets.

Listening to Music

This is a classic option for using your phone and could well be something that you already do to make times like train journeys more appealing. However, listening to music through your phone is something that has a lot of versatility, even going as far as making activities like chores more appealing. Now, you might be asking yourself, how can that help you with boredom? Well, if you find yourself bored during your free time, but with a bunch of housework that needs doing, you might find that this is a good time to listen to music and go about getting it done. It might be unappealing at first, but doing this could be something that makes you feel better in the long run.

It doesn’t have to be music either; podcasts and audiobooks are also available if you think you’d find those more engaging.

Learn a New Skill

While you’re on a productive streak, why not go a step further? You can use your phone to increase your skillset, either by apps for something like learning a language or through video tutorials if you want to wrap your head around something more practical. In either case, you have the option, and knowing that you can do something like this might mean that you start to turn the time in which you find yourself bored into time that you spend bettering yourself. Of course, you shouldn’t feel pressured to do this, and if you simply want to listen to music or play games, your smartphone can allow you to do that as well.

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