How Virtual Learning Requires Parents Equally Participation
How Virtual Learning Requires Parents Equally Participation


Things continue to be unclear, as the world fears the newly emerged Omicron, which has already been called the “Variant of Concern” by the World Health Organisation. Scientists, virologists, and medical experts worldwide are dedicating their precious hours to know more about the virus strain. Many stringent measures need to be followed to curb the ubiquitous spread of the infection.

In these situations, do you think what we earlier attended the In-person learning form of education will be anytime soon be resumed?

A big no!!!

Therefore, it becomes more critical to continue the form of digital learning that we are doing, primarily when the kids are concerned, as the population has not been vaccinated yet. Millions and millions of students still are learning through online methods and eventually developed a habit of learning. There are many motivational quotes for students that will help students to encourage them to study during tough times.

But, often, many parents worry about what if the students get bored of the virtual learning they have been experiencing since March 2020. They are always concerned about not being involved in the whole process to check if their kids are comfortable or not. Do many parents also keep asking how they can contribute to the educational process through virtual learning to help their kids at best?

The questions often asked become essential to seek answers for as the current situation is making us aware of the foreseeable future where virtual learning can remain the integral source of imparting education to every nation’s child.

No matter what form of learning you’re replying to, things can get exhausting even when in-person education or Virtual learning is involved. But, trust us on this that it does not require you to perform a daily battle.

If you feel yourself and your students at some mental pressure for remote learning and lack of motivation in you. Here we have below given some suggestions or guidance that you can follow if you like, which will eventually calm you in every stressful situation, especially regarding academic matters. Here, below we present you, the parents, with some tricks and tips to help your kids get motivated and enjoy virtual learning with the help of LMS portals.

Tips for Parents

Nobody reading this article will disagree that every student is different and requires different forms of guidance and motivation for their academic and overall development support.

Embrace and Promote Brain Breaks

Breaks are essential, and it helps you calm your mind and recharge it again to digest a lot more new things coming all your way in the following lectures, whatever you are going to be witnessing. It is the best way to reinvigorate your students’ energy.

Multi-Level Engagement Should be Encouraged

The parents need to keep an eye on their children’s participation patterns and interests in matters related to learning processes at different levels.

Adjusting Learning into Daily Routines

The parents need to encourage their kids to consider learning into their daily routine work to make it more effective and efficient.

Personalize Prizes

It is always beneficial when parents encourage their students to participate in something they are more passionate about. So, this overall increases the efficacy of the student.

Develop Networking for Learning

Suppose you want to encourage your students to learn and make all the learning processes more interactive and attractive. In that case, you should talk to the students about engaging in virtual group talks to facilitate note sharing or anything that will eventually help them develop their social interaction skills.


Here, we are providing these articles for the kids to survive and thrive in times like these. It is, therefore, the responsibility of other people around as well to check on the activities of these students to assist them better to gain the best out of virtual learning.