Every artist faces creative block at some point or the other. In this short video, filmmaker and photographer Sean Tucker discusses how he deals with the three major resistances to his creative work – perfectionism, rationalization, and fear. Watch below.

01:02 – Perfectionism is a twofold edged sword. It rouses you to put forth a strong effort additionally prompts depression and self-question. Tucker recommends considering the more drawn out term as opposed to the shorter term. Think about each venture as a draft along a more drawn out excursion instead of a completed end point.

02:44 – Rationalization prompts overthinking and unfortunate examination. We utilize our confinements and conditions as reasons not to make since we think our work will never be adequate. Tucker admits that he now and again scrutinizes other picture taker’s work and discovers mix-ups to cut them down. To battle these negative contemplations, Tucker utilizes care. He distinguishes the negative idea designs and recognizes the way that they’re not valid. On the off chance that he doesn’t have favor photography outfit like alternate picture takers, he takes it as a test and works twice as hard.

05:08 – Fear of disappointment, of feedback, of being criticized, is the greatest barrier to inventiveness. As Tucker says, we fear our insight holes and we don’t need individuals to think about them. In any case, in all actuality no one’s ideal. Everybody has gaps in their ability set. Tucker prescribes Steven Pressfield’s book, The War of Art. In it, the author says that dread is a decent sign. It demonstrates that the more we’re frightened of something, the more we realize that we need to do it.