Two years of global pandemic have given us new ways of approaching work and our daily lives, completely disrupting our routines and forcing us into a new phase of our existence. Some of the most dramatic upheavals are those that have affected the ways in which we perform our work, particularly with the advent of smart working, which has allowed us to spend less time in the office and to familiarise ourselves with all the new applications and programmes with which we organise meetings remotely, which have now become our most trusted allies for real-time communication with colleagues or work partners.

New ways of working

The enforced confinement imposed by the health emergency has also enabled people to appreciate their homes and their spaces more, fostering a progressive rediscovery of home pleasures. Ending a long work session and being able to go immediately to one’s own living room, to relax in front of a film, a TV series or a sporting event, is something most people were not used to, an innovation that has also pleasantly influenced many people’s daily routine. Those who were used to getting up every morning to catch the train can now afford to sleep up to an extra hour, thus waking up a few minutes before the start of the actual working day. Others, on the other hand, have taken the opportunity of smart working to bring real benefits to their health and inner well-being, voluntarily deciding to get up early and engage in healthy activities before starting work, such as sports, reading or meditation.

In spite of all the advantages and conveniences of working remotely, many people still prefer traditional, office-based work, claiming that they simply cannot get used to the new way of working and prefer their old desk, where they can find the motivation and concentration needed to do their work flawlessly. For these people, the presence of numerous purely domestic distractions – such as the television, the bed or the kitchen – is an almost insuperable obstacle to their concentration, and they are therefore naturally inclined to prefer working in an office. However, there are many ways to increase one’s productivity from home, and they are easily practicable by anyone. There is no point clinging tenaciously to the idea of working from the office, lazily sitting at your desk five days a week. The world of work is already in a different evolutionary phase, much more dynamic and smart, and it is therefore in the common interest of all workers to start getting used to this new way of conceiving work.

Calm your mind

To increase your productivity while smart working, the first step is to control your mind. You will need a certain amount of self-discipline, so training your mind is crucial. Get into the habit of meditating after you wake up in the morning, for twenty minutes or so, before indulging in the pleasure of your breakfast. A clearer mind cleared of superfluous thoughts will be more responsive, quicker, and much less likely to be overwhelmed by boredom or laziness. During breakfast, avoid too heavy or calorific foods, and instead limit yourself to a certain amount of fruit and a hot drink of your choice. This food will be immensely helpful in the early hours of the morning, which are crucial for your productivity, and will also help you feel fresher and lighter. If you have your own room at home, you should lock yourself in there with your computer, and a bottle of water and start your work right away, keeping away from any source of distraction. If your mobile phone is not indispensable for your work, leave it in another room.

You will therefore have to learn to distinguish between the two basic types of distraction: the deleterious one, closely linked to the unproductive use of the mobile phone (social media, TV shows, etc.), and the beneficial one, generated by pleasurable activities that can produce positive effects on your mind, such as all those resulting from the fun activities that can be accessed also from the mobile phone. Exploring the best online casinos in India, during your downtime, can certainly help you familiarise yourself with the purest forms of entertainment, made even more enjoyable by the quick navigation and the very useful guides on the site, which will help each player choose the most suitable game for their personal characteristics. Your breaks, in this sense, will turn into true moments of well-being, fuelling your productivity even more.

From the mix of quality breaks and moments of extreme concentration, particularly in the morning, an ideal state of mind can arise that will allow you to complete any task, calmly and joyfully.

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