The Danes talk honestly with their children about sex from a youthful age, and perhaps you ought to, as well. Taking in the best possible words to utilize when alluding to their bodies “advances positive self-perception, self-assurance, and guardian tyke correspondence.”

Redditor Sara, whose folks moved to the US from Denmark, can’t envision finding out about sex whatever other way. “My guardians were dependably totally open with me about sex,” she composed on Reddit. “When I asked where babies originate from, they let me know in the most clinical and straightforward way you can tell a youthful youngster, and demonstrated to me a children’s book which clarified about adolescence and sex. [They] even demonstrated a toon penis in three stages: going to infiltrate, mid-entrance, and completely entering and discharging.”

Americans might be getting the message. Jessica Alexander was stunned when she first heard her spouse read a Danish sex-ed book to their girl, however soon came around. She’s the co-creator of The Danish Way of Parenting: A Guide to Raising the Happiest Kids in the World.

What do you believe is the most ideal approach to show kids about sex?

“My parents immigrated to America from Denmark, so I had a bit of a different upbringing than my peers,” writes Sara, who was born in the US


“When I asked where babies come from they told me in the most clinical and simple way and showed me a kids book”


“I asked my parents if they had sex and they told me they did frequently, but only when I was asleep or out of the house”


“IMO one of the great sins American parents make is not being open about sex”


“I lost my virginity in my own bed with my parents’ knowledge it was going to happen in advance”


“I’m in my late 20’s now, no husband and no kids. But when/if I have kids I hope to raise them the same way I was raised”


“Looking back, I can’t imagine having been forced to lose my virginity in secret, with no counseling from my parents about what to expect”


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