Watch the Official video song for ‘Love Your Country’ New Patriotic Song feat. Kangana Ranaut and celebrate 69 glorious years of Independence.

This anthem is a social endeavor supported by Jamnabai Narsee School, India’s premium school and Jumboking, India’s most trusted Homegrown Quick Service Restaurant chain.

Independence Day is a glad day for every one of us. This is the day we commend our nation’s freedom from the Britishers and respect all saints who set out their lives battling for this nation. Consistently, we commend this day with everything that is in us and gladly so.

This year, Times Music, has delivered a music video, ‘Love Your Country’, which highlights Kangana Ranaut. While we are just for cherishing our nation, even without a music video, we’re not certain if the creators appropriately advised Kangana about her part in it.

The melody, obviously is devoted, however the majority of it is simply ‘Love your nation’ and very little else! Be that as it may, more than anything, we’re truly confounded by these expressions by the three-time National Grant winning performing artist.

Source: Times Music