“You label me”

“#hashtag me”

“Put me in tiny lil boxes’

“You confuse flesh for beauty”

“My skin is too dark for you”

Even in today’s era we women have to face ridiculous statements. Society tries to put in the boxes and doesn’t want us to come out of it. We are tired of listening to these comments which put us in limits.

Ginger by lifestyle has launched a new video breaking all the stereotypes and speaking the heart of every woman. There are taunts that kill us inside, taunts that hinder our growth as an individual.  We as woman are perfect; we are nowhere less than men..

We all we a wonder women inside us!

Here is a video |Introducing the #ImperfectlyPerfect Ginger Girl |

I preach no perfection and I need no validation

“Let my skin teach you to find light.”

“Mountain glaciers, you can never conquer”

“I am a warrior”

“My body amour & me no less for a women”