Running away is always the easier the option. You have a truckload of problems, why not leave it stranded and live on free and happy? If you think that this is even remotely possible, sorry to burst your bubble, it is not.

Issues are an integral part of life and they require attention, care and efforts. Ignoring their existence might do more harm than good. This is a basic lesson being taught to us since we started walking on our feet. However, at times we need reminding because the running away option is so tempting.

To prevent us from giving in to this temptation,  ‘Ghumakkad’ a short film directed by Navjot Gulati portrays a girl living a complicated life with a myriad of problems who decides to escape to Europe for 3 months in the hope that all her problems shall vanish. But obviously, they don’t. Take a Look!

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A young girl who is going through multiple issues in her life related to love, work and family decides to go on a 3 month sabbatical to Europe, Hoping that all her issues would solve themselves by the time she comes back. Little did she knew that they will multiply themselves by the time she is back. The film is about her first day back in the city facing all her problems at one go.

Source:Playground Digital Cinema