‘Game of Deaths’… oops! We meant ‘Game of Thrones’ premieres tomorrow in The United States Of America and we eagerly await its arrival too. Who will live? Who will die? These are questions which have been haunting us and a group of students from Germany may have found answers to our questions.

Published in The Guardian, a team of computer science students at Germany’s Technical University of Munich have come up with a unique way to predict the fate of characters in the latest season. They have created an algorithm, interestingly known as ‘The Song Of Ice And Data’.
Though the app was created as a class project, the students have used the algorithm in the past and have accurately predicted 74 percent of the deaths on the show. The program is a complicated one which involves 24 factors like age, lineage and also popular data available on the internet.
Itching to know who is likely to go next? It’s King Tommen Baratheon. Our condolences to Cersei and Jamie, if this does happen.
Oh, and wait! They’ve made predictions about Jon Snow’s fate (Well, honestly… who hasn’t) but they are keeping mum about it.

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