Every day we go over such a large number of ladies who have left a permanent stamp on the world and cut their own specialty. Who move us in their own specific manner and we can’t resist the urge to commend them for their endeavors. While you might not have strolled in their shoes, but rather the stories of their hardships touches our hearts, and stories of their triumphs swell up our trunk with satisfaction. Out of the numerous stories we’ve run over, India’s Top entertainer Kaneez Surka’s adventure is something we’re truly inspired by.

She was one of the primary female stand-up funnies of India, and the way she handed tables over her support and battled through by making a profession in comic drama is completely moving. With just a single point — to make individuals giggle — Kaneez persisted and achieved where she’s presently.

What’s more, today, she’s encouraging every one of the women to do likewise.

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