Dwayne Johnson, or as we know him by his famous persona, The Rock, is one of the most famous men in the film industry and the Internet right now. He’s the definition of a fitness freak and his diet and insane gym regime is no secret to the world.
But what many users on the Internet have just unearthed is this little secret about The Rock – that he hasn’t had candy in over 27 years! Yep, no kidding! According to Johnson himself, the last he had candy was in 1989 while he was watching a movie in a movie theatre. Well, then, with that secret busted, Jimmy at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon took it upon himself to make The Rock taste some candy.

But, as you can see, The Rock doesn’t even remember what to do with candy!


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Watch them as they goof around and finally taste Pop Rocks as everyone has a fun time!