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Drag Queen Turns Herself Into Our Favorite ’90s Cartoon Characters

Former RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Phi Phi O’Hara is taking Instagram by storm with her incredible ’90s cartoons characters transformations. Starting off with various drag looks, her #365DaysOfDrag challenge evolved into a more complex one, including different themes and even prosthetics to finish the desired look. Her talent has already brought her 180k followers!
“Luckily most of the characters wear normal clothing, so that was fairly easy,” said Phi Phi. “But the wigs and prosthetic took longer to make and find. I wanted to entertain people and bring a smile their face. And lastly, I wanted to inspire people to always push themselves and never let something put a limit on your talent.”

#1 HIM – Powerpuff Girls


#2 Jane Lane (Daria), Is It College Yet?

#3 Didila “Didi” Kropotkin-Pickles, Rugrats

#4 Daria Morgendorffer, Beavis and Butt-Head

#5 Jubilee, X Men

#6 Monster Oblina, Aaahh!!! Real Monsters

#7 Cynthia – Angelica’s doll, Rugrats

#8 Helga Geraldine Pataki, Hey Arnold!

#9 Princess Luna, My Little Pony

#10 Dot Warner, Yakko, Wakko, and Dot

#11 Judy Funnie, Disney’s Doug

#12 Elizabeth “Eliza” Thornberry, The Wild Thornberrys

#13 Lillian “Lil” Marie Jill DeVille, All Grown Up!

#14 Princess Celestia, My Little Pony

#15 Rainbow Dash, My Little Pony

#16 Twilight Sparkle, My Little Pony

#17 Pinkie Pie, My Little Pony

#18 Elmyra Duff, Tiny Toon Adventures

#19 AppleJack, My Little Pony

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