Solar panels are the best energy source to save your money on electricity bills, increase property value, reduce carbon footprint, and enjoy subsidy benefits from the government. Although solar system installation and upfront cost is quite expensive, and due this many homeowners don’t wish to opt for solar panel installation. But solar panel installation is beneficial for the people living in hot regions as they can use heavy electrical appliances at low cost or sometimes no cost at all If you’re looking to go solar but can’t afford the upfront costs of solar panels, there’s still good news – you can still get solar power from your electric provider. Power to Choose Houston is a website that allows residents to compare electric providers and select the one that best meets their needs. The site includes a list of electric providers that offer solar energy.

What are solar panels?

Solar panel is the device used to absorb the sun’s energy and allows it to be converted into alternative current from direct current to generate sufficient amounts of electricity for residential or commercial use. You can install solar panels according to the need and requirement. Here are some do’s and don’ts of solar panel installation, ignorance of which can result in futuristic loss on investment. 

Do’s of solar panel installation

The solar panel installation should be considered after analyzing certain factors. Most homeowners and business owners are unable to identify the do’s and don’ts of solar panels. They incur losses in future because of low power generation. 

Check installation angle

Installation angle matters the most in the solar panel installation process. It can maximize or increase the solar power generation. The direction of the solar panels should be arranged where maximum sunlight can be received. You can call the solar panel installers for identifying the angle and tilt it towards the sun to absorb maximum sunlight. Many calculations and basic simulations work for checking the correct installation angle of a solar panel. 

Flashing  your roofing system

It is quite important to seal water places on the rooftop surface. The rooftop may start leaking if it is not sealed properly before installation. Not flashing the roof system may cause severe damage to your home. 

Think about the long term investment

You should always think of solar panel installation as a long term investment. There is a short term payback you will get in multiple ways. You can avail the benefits of your solar system for 25 – 30 years or sometimes more, depending on the maintenance which brings us to the next important tip. 

Do maintain your solar panel and roof after installation

Maintenance is the most essential part of installation of a solar panel in your house. There are types of racks that are also called as ballasted tracks and it may be completely removed. Replacement allows you to maintain the roof surface. It makes the ground or roof firmly placed with the solar system to ensure no movement in thunderstorms.

Energy audit for solar projects

You can easily calculate the energy consumption through the energy audit tool. It allows you to save your cost and prevents the excessive usage of energy. Energy audit tools will determine the amount of energy used by the particular electrical appliances. You can limit the excess usage of that particular appliance. 

Don’ts of solar panel installation 

Avoid shading while installing solar panels 

When installing solar panels on your rooftop, always consider the actual placement and shading. Ensure there are no tall objects near the solar panel that shade can fall on your solar panels. Always try to place the solar panel away from any tall objects. 

Don’t use cheap materials for solar panel installation

Cheap materials are available at low cost because of some underlying issues. It is better to purchase high quality material in order to avoid compromise with your solar panels. You can use the best material for a longer sufficient time and avail the benefits. 

Solar panel maintenance is a most necessary task of your solar system as it impacts the overall performance of PV panels and its lifespan. Timely maintenance of your solar panels will reduce chances of internal or external damages for years. 

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