My Dearest Mommy,

Words fall short to describe what you mean to me. Since the time I opened my eyes, I cannot remember you not being there for me. Your world revolved around me and my needs. For you, I came first and you made sure I looked the best. Always.

Who can forget those cute little frocks and those colourful ribbons in my hair? You didn’t even spare my school uniform, always crisp and those sparkling white socks. How did you do it? I still don’t understand.

As time passed, we had our differences especially when it came to our choice of clothes. But let me tell you, my lovely mother, every time you insisted that I carry that scarf on a windy night or that heavy jacket against the rain, you have always shielded me. You just knew! And I know you will always be there for me.

On this mothers day, I thank you with this Myntra Ad for being my stylist, my fashion friend and for being there for me because that’s what moms do. ?

This story is brought to you in association with Myntra