Facebook and Twitter stirred up a religious war after cricketer Irfan Pathan uploaded a photo with his wife Safa Baig. The self-appointed defenders of religious all across the internet felt it right to criticise this decision of the cricket and make some really snarly comments. So, Irfan uploaded this adorable picture of him and his wife with the caption: “This girl is trouble 

The image displayed Irfan with his wife who had her hands covering her face. Many viewers were apparently offended at Safa Baig for wearing nail polish. There were also hateful comments that scorned her decision of not wearing a full hijab and thus “exposing” herself. Any positive supporters and commentators were also shamed by these bigots.  They even claimed Irfan as not being a “true Muslim.”

All these trolls did not affect the star cricketer. He reposted the picture with a new caption “Kuch toh log kahenge logo ka kaam hai kehna…” He instantly stood up to the support of his wife and shut down all the trolls and haters of the internet.

He closed the matter with another tweet.

Also take note that this is not the first time the wife of a cricketer has to face such hateful comments. Earlier, cricketer Mohammed Shammi faced similar wrath from these religious groups when he posted a picture of him and his wife who was wearing a short sleeved dress.