Cricket betting apps in India

We’ve put together the best cricket betting apps in India for you. Here you will find their description, features and can choose the most suitable app for you. So, choose, play and win!

About betting apps

Sports betting providers without betting apps – do they still exist? 7 out of 10 players are already placing mobile bets on their smartphones and the trend is increasing. Most even via a betting app. No wonder, placing mobile bets is also child’s play. Nevertheless, there are of course big differences between the individual sports betting apps. In our detailed betting apps test reports, our sports betting experts have explained which sports betting providers promise the best mobile betting offers and which one should rather avoid.

Finding a really good cricket betting app can be tricky. There are dedicated resources for this. For example, is a great site where you will find the most detailed and up-to-date information about all the events in the betting world. Visit the website, choose the category you need and be always the first to know about new events!

Cricket betting in the live sector

The rapid development of live betting in recent years has also had an impact on cricket betting providers. Unthinkable in the past, nowadays you even have real-time bets on the five-day test matches. So, you can wait for the latest developments in the game every day and convert your observations into the potentially profitable tip.

Of course, the much shorter Twenty20 games are also in the bookmakers’ live betting calendar. All in all, you can make your predictions on all major games even during the duels.

TOP 5 apps for cricket betting

To create this ranking, we subjected the various cricket betting apps to a detailed comparison in several criteria. To do this, we looked at the betting offer and the individual markets as well as the bonus promotions. The offer and the presentation of the live bets also flow into our ratings. Below is our list of the best cricket betting apps:


  • Cricket odds: 94.8%
  • 25 leagues
  • Top cricket live betting


  • Cricket odds: 93.4%
  • 28 leagues
  • Cricket bonus promotions


  • Cricket odds: 94.8%
  • 26 leagues
  • No betting tax

William Hill

  • Cricket odds: 93.8%
  • 25 leagues
  • Cash-out


  • Cricket odds: 93.5%
  • 15 leagues
  • Cricket Live Streams

Cricket betting markets

As you know from the other sports betting, the winning market is of course also the focus here. If we dive a little deeper into the numerous cricket bets on offer, we immediately notice many special terms from this sport: “Most sixes?”, “50 in a match?”, “Highest opening partnership?” or “Runs when the first wicket falls?”. Knowledge of the sport is therefore essential to be able to use the full range of betting options. We explain some typical markets of the cricket betting providers in the following paragraph.

Who wins the coin toss? 

The umpire, the referee, asks the captains of both teams onto the field before the game and lets a coin toss decide which team to hit first. The player who wins the coin toss has a choice. If you bet on the correct winner of the throw, you have won this 50/50 bet.

Best batsman

Here you bet on which batsman will get the most runs. Predictions about the best batsman are possible on the one hand for the entire game, but on the other hand also individually for the respective teams. So, you are spoiled for choice.

First wicket method

The cricket betting providers offer you various options for the creation of the first wicket. You can choose between bowled (thrower hits wicket), caught (player catches), leg before wicket (batsman’s leg is hit), run out (batsman cannot finish the run), or stumped.


  1. Is it possible to bet live on cricket?

Most applications can place bets in real-time. If you want to know if this is possible in a particular application, we recommend that you contact the website, where you will find the most up-to-date information.

  1. How do I install an .apk file on Android?

You cannot download apps from the Playstore with an Android device. However, to be able to install it directly from a bookmaker’s website, you have to change a tick in your security settings.