Many will agree that new technologies have changed how modern organizations approach their day-to-day operations. One of the best decisions you can ever make if you work with modern data centers is to embrace a reliable solution like FlexPod. FlexPod is the converged infrastructure solution designed by CCNA 200-301 . Also, FlexPod provides flexibility, scalability, and availability in one place, offering the shortest route to achieving your business goals.

However, to effectively use such solutions as FlexPod, you need to develop relevant technical skills that align with your career goals. If you opt for the professional Cisco learning path, one of the first names that come to mind is the Exam-Labs . For anyone wondering, this is a test that lets you build a lasting career around the FlexPod solution quickly.

In the next section, we summarize the basics of working with the FlexPod solution and how you can become an indispensable employee for your company with the Cisco 500-173 exam. Shall we get started, then?

A Quick Look at the Hassles of Traditional Infrastructure

Typically, traditional network setups comprise networking switches, storage, and servers available in different shapes and sizes. However, the major shortcoming of this kind of network is that it is cumbersome and difficult to deploy. That’s before mentioning the limited server capacity, limited data access, and increased susceptibility to human error. Then comes the Cisco 300-415 ENSDWI , perfectly tailored to suit critical business goals. Let’s find out what this path entails in the next section.

Embracing the FlexPod Solution

With traditional infrastructure slowly decreasing in usability, IT professionals needed a solution that could streamline network services while offering countless advantages. This is where converged infrastructure solutions come in, designed to combine compute, storage, and networking into a unified entity for a specific solution area or workload.

The major pros of Cisco 350-401 ENCOR infrastructure include an easier buy process, simplified operation, and faster consumption. Ultimately, IT departments can alleviate compatibility issues associated with network devices, servers, or storage systems. An organization that relies on this form of infrastructure demonstrates its desire to embrace modern technologies, effectively gaining the upper hand over its biggest competitors.

Implementing FlexPod through the Cisco 500-173 Exam

One of the fastest ways to start your journey with the converged infrastructure solutions is through passing the Cisco 500-173 exam, commonly called Designing the FlexPod Solution. Built around the characteristics and requirements of computing solution performance, this 90-minute long exam will test a fundamental understanding of the FlexPod solution.

The test will cover the hardware components related to this solution as well as the processes involved in choosing the right hardware if you have specific requirements. Anyone who passes this exam successfully earns a new title, Cisco CCNP Enterprise Specialist.

The Bottom Line

As much as digital transformation has created a new approach to data center management, succeeding in this field is never a walk in the park. At the very least, you need the right skill combination to help you make a difference to your organization when it matters most. The Cisco CCIE Enterprise can be a vital tool if you want to get started with the FlexPod solution. So, get ahead today with Cisco’s unbiased training and change your career forever!

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