Indian E-commerce giant Flipkart recently lodged a police complaint claiming that its CEO Binny Bansal’s official email account was hacked, reports the Economic Times.
As per a report, two emails were sent from the official account to Flipkart’s Chief Financial Officer, Sanjay Baweja at 11.33am on March 1, asking to transfer $80,000.


File photo of Binny Bansal | Source: Twitter
Baweja as per the report was taken aback by the nature of the emails. After he cross checked with Bansal, it was discovered that Bansal’s email account had been spoofed.

The cyber crime wing of the police has said the case is one of email spoofing. The messages according to them was sent from forged addresses.

Flipkart also has issued a statement on the issue:

“We would like to clarify it is not a case of hacking. Flipkart’s corporate email system leverages the highest standards of security including but not limited to two factor authentication. We have filed a case of email spoofing which involves use of a forged email header to make it look like a legitimate email. This case of email spoofing was immediately detected and a report was filed with the police.”
CID sources have reportedly informed Economic Times that the emails were sent from Hong Kong and Canada using a server in Russia.
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(The copy has been updated from the original one to include a statment from Flipkart)