We’ve all watched, and enjoyed, the short films and videos made by The Viral Fever on YouTube. With more than 15 lakh subscribers and a long and impressive list of shows/videos, TVF is changing what millennials in India consume for good digital content.

And 33-year-old, Arunabh Kumar is the man running the whole show. An alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, Kumar started TVF in 2010 after quitting his job as a research consultant with the US Air Force. His first creation, “Engineer’s Diaries” was rejected by MTV. What followed next, pretty much changed the way we now consume YouTube content.

“Rowdies”, “The Qtiyapa Series”, “Chai Sutta Chronicles” and “Barely Speaking With Arnub” are few of the many video series that TVF has been known for till “Permanent Roommates” and “Pitchers” made them a household name.

Kumar’s pragmatism is his best armor. In an interview with Radio Mirchi, his opinions on life, work and IIT reflect his realistic outlook in life.

Here are excerpts from his chat that talk about education, rote learning, and success as an entrepreneur.