This is a poem that I chose to write for every woman battling her existence to survive because she sure has the fire….

Placed in the arms of a woman she was born to
They stared..Ah!she is a girl,  now what to do?
Already judged by the stereotypes of the world she couldn’t even see..
Physicality, gender biases and what not….
She carried the list of all therein ;
That had to be fought!

With age she learnt
Nothing mattered to the intellectual mind
But how few were the people of that kind?
Strong and gorgeous…
And a chaos underneath all those mess
She is everything that you can’t see.

She is the things she believes in,
the future she dreams of.
Seemed to forget for a while
When she decided she is defined by the things she is not!

From the ashes now a fire has woken
A light from the shadow shall spring,
Renewed shall be the blade that was broken
The crown-less shall define the new KING!!!

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