Artist turns stretch marks and other body “Defects” into dazzling art, However not every person thinks that its Excellent

Stretch marks, scars, and even monthly cycle are everything ladies are routinely advised to hide, however one Barcelona-based Artist is transforming these gathered blemishes into lovely better approaches to welcome the female body.

21-year-old Cinta Tort CartrĂ³, who passes by the pseudonym Zinteta on social media, does everything with rainbow paint and sparkle. Her vivid portrayals of Stretch marks, period blood, and the female life structures expect to cultivate self esteem in the hearts of young ladies who may feel embarrassed about their bodies. CartrĂ³’s inventive arousing was enlivened by her own particular troublesome way to self esteem, which makes the message of her work more intense.

“Stretch marks are a piece of our substance, our minutes, our lives, our stories and us,” CartrĂ³ composes on Instagram. “To acknowledge this is to acknowledge your underlying foundations, your history, everything in it and, all things considered, acknowledge yourself.”

Experience this astonishing undertaking for yourself underneath, and reveal to us what you think in the remarks.

stretch marks were never so beautiful


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And periods


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