13 Things Single People Are Tired Of Hearing

<p>Staying single or choosing to get committed should be an individuals choice ideally but unfortunately thats not the case because anybody and everybody is interested in your life and in the situation when you are single they all tend to become concerned for you showering their love through their valuable advice<p> <h2>1Dont be so choosy<h2> <p>You should not be so picking and choose from the oness that are available rather than staying single<p> <h2>2How lucky you are<h2> <p>This is the advice from the people who are not so happy with their commitments and they actually prove that Grass is always greener on the other side <p> <h2>3 Dont lose hope<h2> <p>One must not turn pessimistic because it will happen when it is destined too is the most empathetic thing singles hear<p> <h2>4 Will you ever settle down<h2> <p>Have you decided to wander alone all your life is the most toughest question put to singles<p> <h2>5 Havent you heard of online dating<h2> <p>Try out online dating as early as possible because its latest and effective too<p> <h2>6 You are just not serious<h2> <p>Its just your reluctance that is keeping you single<p> <h2>7There are plenty of fish in the sea<h2> <p>Everyone has a partner made for them in the universe you just need to find it<p> <h2>8Dont you feel lonely<h2> <p>Are you fine doing everything by yourself dont yo feel alone<p> <h2>9Find time for yourself<h2> <p>Its high time you take out time to find yourself a partner<p> <h2>10Why dont you consider dating you best friend<h2> <p>If you have a guy best friend their exists no problem because you can always try dating him<p> <h2>11Wait is worth<h2> <p>Your wait will be worth it when you find someone really perfect<p> <h2>12Should I help you<h2> <p>Since you are unable to help yourself allow me to do so<p> <h2>13You will die a virgin<h2> <p>Dont you have carnal desires how will you ever have sex <p>