Graphic designer Julien Nonnon is back with a new street-mapping installation.

Titled ‘#le_baiser’ (The Kiss), the project saw Nonnon illuminating the street of Paris with live projections of over a hundred kissing couples.

Because love does not discriminate, the project saw couples across all races and sexual preferences, selected from an open casting call to create “a library of love”.

The digital artist shares in a press release that he does not intend to stop with Paris, and hopes to take his street mapping installations around the world.

See Nonnon’s work and the making of ‘#le_baiser’ below.

TIPHANIE + NICOLAS // #le_baiser

MARILOU + LOUKA // #le_baiser

MAUD + PAUL // #le_baiser

ANNE_YING + EVA // #le_baiser

DAVID + THIBAUT // #le_baiser

MARISSA + STEPHANE // #le_baiser