Meet Julian Checkley, an enhancements master from Ireland, and renegade Batman fan. This man has assembled a completely useful Batsuit, complete with 23 working devices.

Julian assembled the Batsuit out of adaptable urethane elastic, which was 3D printed and shaped from Julian’s own particular body. The suit incorporates everything from a working Tracker to a real electric Immobilizer. He says that he got the possibility of the suit from the suit worn by Batman in the Batman: Arkham Starting points diversion.


Julian has entered the Guinness World Records 2017 – Gamers’ Release for Most useful contraptions on a cosplay suit. You can read the entire report in point of interest here.

An incredible Batman outfit adorned with 23 functioning gadgets has earned its owner the world record for the Most functional gadgets on a cos-play suit.

Guinness World Records 2017: Gamer’s Edition is available September 2016

Stephen Daultrey, Editor of the Guinness World Records 2017: Gamer’s Edition, said: “This incredible cosplay suit is a great example of the eclectic records that appear in this year’s Gamer’s Edition 2017. The detail and imagination behind the gadgets take the meaning of cosplay to a whole new level.”
Julian’s Batman cosplay suit gadgets include:
1. Fireball Shooter
2. Gauntlet Video Screens x 2
3. Bat Tracking Beacon
4. Bat Sign Projector
5. Folding Batarang
6. Grapnel Gun
7. Cowl Respirator
8. Pneumatic Tranquilliser Gun
9. Ultrasonic Anti Dog Device.
10. Bat Shuriken x 4 11. UV Lamp
12. Ball Bearing Grenades x 2
13. Gauntlet Flashlight 14. Medi-kit.
15. Battery Pack.
16. Laser Designator.
17. Bat-cam.
18. Strobe Stun Gun.
19. Gas Dispenser
20. Smoke Bombs x 2
21. The Bat Flask.
22. Concealed Laryngeal Microphone.
23. Two-way Radio.