I want to offer you a very strange and surprising vision of the Parisian wildlife.
My last work Safari Urban is a series of photographs featuring animals redesigned and projected on facades of buildings through an embedded video-projection system. A clever mix of street-art and video-mapping!

The Deer Of Becquerel

Le Cerf de Becquerel

The Fox Of Monmartre


The Eagle Of Mont-Cenis

L'Aigle du Mont-Cenis

The Crocodile Of La Cigale


The Dogs Of Doudeauville

Les Chiens de Doudeauville

The Buffalo Of La Chapelle

Le Buffle de la Chapelle

The Shepherd Of Clignancourt


The Lion Of Trois Frères

Le Lion des Trois Frères

The Doe & The Ourangutan

La Biche et l'Ourang-Outan

The Cheetah of Montmartre

Le Guépard du Tertre

The Wolf Of Borey


The Gorilla Of Cascades


The Tiger Of Amandiers

Le Tigre des Amandiers

The Elephant Of Orfila


More info: juliennonnon.com | Safari Map