A tough mom protects her children at any cost, even when it comes to facing criticism from her own family. And so does All Out by keeping her family safe from mosquitoes. All Out proudly stands by her, because when a mother is being tough, she is protecting the next generation. #StandByToughMoms 👍💪❤️

“My hope is that this campaign will help initiate conversations within families and encourage support for raising happy, healthy children,” said Ann Mukherjee, Global Chief Marketing Officer for SC Johnson.

All Out launched a new brand campaign titled, Remain by Extreme Mothers proposed to start national exchange about the significance of families supporting moms when settling on intense child rearing choices.

Remain by Tough Moms includes a short movie directed by acclaimed Bollywood producer Shoojit Sircar. The provocative three-minute film includes a more distant family eating and being stood up to with a circumstance which brings up issues about child rearing.

The film is a piece of a bigger suggestion to take action by the brand called #StandByToughMoms that expects to bring issues to light and energize support of guardians and the extreme choices they frequently need to make.