All India Bakchod has thought of a video commending female sexuality, titled A Lady’s Besties. These besties are Vagayenti (vagina), Clitika (clitoris), and Geeta-Boobita (bosoms), who’re all in a free for all in light of the fact that their individual, Priya (Mallika Dua), may be pregnant after she had unprotected sex.

There’s basically nothing Mallika Dua can’t make amusing. Be it a customary discussion with your parlor waali didi, a 90s’ melody video about provocation being the standard or even general remarks by Smilye Jenner- – Kylie Jenner’s twin sister, obviously.

Fundamentally, Mallika Dua is the closest companion we as a whole have, yet well, we don’t, generally.

Presently, in a joint effort with All India Bakchod, she has delivered a video so comical, it gets hard to recuperate from those episodes of giggling.

Exhibiting, A Lady’s Besties. The lady being referred to here is Mallika Dua Otherwise known as Priya. What’s more, who are these besties? Simply then, her vagina (Vagayenti), her clitoris (Clitika) and her bosoms (Geeta Boobita).

The video rotates around a pregnancy startle Priya has one fine day, and the accompanying discussion she has with her privates about it, until one day, when Priya chances upon a person while running in the recreation center…