Like many people in this troubled and complex world, Sean Whalen and his ex-wife went through a bitter divorce. They had to have police escorts to keep them from fighting when they would pick up and drop off their kids, and they only communicated to each other through their lawyers.

Whalen’s anger drove him to want to punch his ex-wife’s boyfriend, now her husband. The estranged couple has three kids, and the divorce put a real strain on the relationships between them.

This sad state of affairs continued for years on end. But recently, their relationship changed for the better — and in a way that is truly inspirational.
Whalen shared a picture on Facebook of the blended family gathering for dinner, together with a story of hope for those going through a harsh divorce.
His experience clearly resonated. The picture now has around 350,000 likes and 90,000 shares.

Whalen wants to send the message to others that there is a real and fundamental choice that can determine how they live and whether they find happiness or not: how they choose to talk and interact with others regardless of how they are treated themselves, and, in so doing, how a person can choose to live in peace.

Here’s the image and the message that accompanied it:


‘This is my ex-wife and her husband.
Our 3 kids and their 2 kids.
Tonight they invited me over for dinner.
5 years ago, she and I had to have a police escort just to pick up and drop off our kids.
We only communicated through lawyers.
I wanted to punch her boyfriend (now her husband).
Tonight we broke bread, laughed, played with the kids, and had a great evening.
Never give up, friends.
PEACE is a choice.
It’s YOUR choice.
Not THEIR choice.
’Yea, but he does…’
’Yea, but she does…’
What your ex does is IRRELEVANT.
YOU CHOOSE how and what you say.
YOU CHOOSE how and what you do.
Even when they are trying to fight with you.
ESPECIALLY when they are trying to fight with you.

Source facebook,inspiremore
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