Bosoms. The individuals who have them and the individuals who don’t, both ponder about these extremities on a lady’s body. For reasons unknown, we’re additionally anxious of them! As though they have uncommon forces to transform every one of us into something depreciable just by being what they are! The incongruity is, we are the place we are, in the pinkest of wellbeing since it is the blessing these mammary organs give us. All things considered, we have had ‘Mama ka doodh’ so celebrated in Bollywood exchanges!

Aditi Mittal talking about bosoms, and bras, a bit of texture that is subjected to endless twofold implications and an experience to search for, is diverting!

In addition vital, however, is the dissimilarity in the way we treat them apparently yet disregard their wellbeing. This is the Brest Tumor Mindfulness Month, along these lines, test yourself women!

“Under Shoulder Boulder Holder”, “Miss your boyfriend is showing” and so many other euphemisms for the very innocent, innocuous bra. Stand Up comedian Aditi Mittal- takes you for a walk to the very very awkward places that Asian women go to in order to get the “upliftment” they need.