Careers are important, no doubt about that. However, it so happens that work takes a toll on our personal lives with romance taking most of the hit. Even in such situations what perseveres through is true Love.

Following on these lines, this is the story of a couple that secretly takes out time after their office hours to spend some romantic moments with each other and for each other. One similar evening, work interrupts and a spat ensues. What happens next will fill you with profound admiration for the direction, the storyline and the acting. See for yourself!

‘The Affair’ is a an adorable short film by Drishyam Films. A must watch.

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, ‘The Affair’ is the story set in a city of millions. Everyday after work, a man and a woman meet each other. They turn their backs to the city and let the sea be witness to their relationship. But this affair can only last for a few minutes, since back at their homes someone waits for them.