We call ourselves tolerant and point fingers at others calling them savage and narrow minded. What we don’t have the foggiest idea about that we have surpassed the limits of prejudice and came to a phase of being oblivious. We admire Bollywood stars and sportsmen to be our legends (not that they don’t buckle down), but rather we disregard a critical portion of individuals who are working day and night so we can breath in opportunity.

Best Reply from Indian Soldiers to the Intolerant people who are protesting by returning Government Awards. Learn Tolerance from the Soldiers who fight selflessly for the country. Digesting the fact that people will always remember Shahrukh Khan and Dhoni but they may not remember them as their real heroes, they will still follow their duties so that we can say that we are proud of this Country. They will sacrifice their Diwali so that we can celebrate with our families. This is TOLERANCE.

This short video by V Seven Pictures appropriately differentiates between tolerant individuals and narrow minded blockheads.