Depression is unlike any other disease. It does not have visible and specified symptoms, infact it is different in different people. You might not be able to guess if someone is in depression and therefore you shall ignore the ‘trivial’ things that show that they’re depressed. Depression is an epidemic that is spreading at a really fast rate and the sad truth is that there is no vaccination.

Therefore to educate people about depression,#LouderThanWords Mission has been initiated by the Airplane Poetry Movement on mental health, formed by Poddar Foundation and Campus Diaries to combat the stigma that prevails around mental health issues, especially around students. Many students from across India are a part of this mission and use slam poetry to speak out about mental health, share their experiences and stories, and to provide knowledge about the disease.

Tanvi Jha of Lady Hardinge Medical College explicitly describes the traumas of living with depression and ways to fight it in an unflinchingly honest poem ‘Getting Out of Bed’

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#LouderThanWords Mission on Mental Health is an initiative by Poddar Foundation and Campus Diaries to combat stigma on mental health issues faced by students. 100 students from across India joined the Mission to use slam poetry to speak out on mental health, share their experiences, stories and to create meaningful knowledge.

Campus Diaries ( is a platform to connect students across the world and bring them the best opportunities, experiences and projects for their all-round development.

Poddar Foundation is focused on building awareness around Mental, Behavioural and Emotional Health issues and its effects. Currently there is a severe lack of awareness and information regarding various mental health problems.