While travelling on a road trip for long distance, or hiking through a mountain, or being out in the middle of the sea all by yourself… One problem that persists everywhere is water. Or actually, the lack of it, thereof.
To tackle this very problem, Fontus has come up with an ingenious solution which will revolutionise how people use water.

How does it work?


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There are two variants: The Airo and the Ryder. The Airo is a solar-powered battery which can be connected to the bottle. The bottle uses the power to suck in humidity from the atmosphere, condense it into water, and let the remaining air out again.

The Ryder is a special holster for bicycles which uses the normal flowing airstream to push air into the holster, and do the same action again, filling the water with condensed humidity from the air.

Fontus already have a crowdfunding campaign going on, and even you can pitch in some if you want your very own self-filling water bottle.