There is no greater pleasure than binge-watching a truly gripping show – there are no commercials, no having to wait an entire week for a new episode. It’s all immediately available for our gluttonous viewing pleasure. If you haven’t watched any of these series, please be warned that spoilers are ahead:


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A lot of live-action superhero shows tried to win us over with heroics, or world-building, or cool costumes, in their opening minutes. But the opening Arrow’s pilot is pure style. From Oliver running through the forest to him lighting a bonfire with an arrow to his monologue about turning himself into a weapon, this pilot completely sells the island castaway’s badassery.


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This TV show with their brilliantly written plot will keep you hooked from the very beginning. We have the movie and the book, but for those who want it in a gist and still feel like you know it all, watch the TV series. It comes with lots of suspense and witty jokes.


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Sorry, but this had to be there. Everybody knows about this show and if you do not, it is high time you do. A sit-com revolving around 6 people in a coffee shop, dealing with love, life and struggles. The episodes keep you wanting for more. The most addictive TV show ever. Viewers can sit back, relax, turn off their brain, and enjoy roughly 22 minutes of their six favorite twenty-somethings living life in The Big Apple.


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A new, apocalyptic world is being overrun by flesh-eating zombies. So if you love zombies, this is your show.


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This TV show is ideal for all the insomniacs out there. Why? Because night time is horror time. Stranger Things is the perfect choice for those who have a good taste in horror flicks. A TV show packed with all the classic goosebump material. It revolves around a small town, where everyone knows everyone and one shady event leads to another. A TV show which will keep you holding your heart with every beat.


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This series will keep you up all night with your eyes glued to the screen. Sure, it’s been over for a few years now, but it’s never to late to hop onto the lost bandwagon.


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Breaking Bad tells the story of high-school Chemistry teacher Walter White, who’s diagnosed with lung cancer. After finding out it’s inoperable, Walter starts producing and selling crystal meth in order to secure his family’s financial future. If you haven’t seen Walter White’s foray into the world of cooking crystal meth – the time to start is now !


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War, power, death, sex, violence, suspense … what isn’t addicting about Game of Thrones? Even when scenes leave viewers horrified, one will keep on coming back for more. If there is one show where binge-watching would be a true benefit for existing and new viewers, this one would be it.