An unplanned pregnancy can be terrifying and emotionally and physically draining. Be that as it may, at times, it tends to be a gift as well. Everyone has a different journey and these 9 real stories of an unplanned baby will touch your heart.

1. Having a support system helped

“It was very overwhelming at first. The weight of the ride life is getting ready to take you on, is enormous, when it’s not planned. Most things in life though, generally never go the way we plan. The one thing I knew instantly when I found out, was that I was going to love this little person like nobody’s business! From that day, I had the drive to protect them and put them above me in my decisions. I took each day one at a time. The resources I needed to be worked out. The medical care I needed was always available. My schedule after the baby came worked out. I was able to take a parenting class that was so helpful. I was never afraid to reach out and seek help or advice when I needed it. God provided many people and opportunities for the provision of all kinds as I navigated new motherhood. Family, friends, and Church family were all very supportive and provided available women to ask simple little questions like, what is the best diaper cream for a rash? Being a mom is one of the best blessings of my life and I would not trade it for anything. Here is a great resource for support and on answering some of those questions to get you started. I might not have planned my pregnancy but I’m so thankful for the experience.”

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2. Teenage pregnancies are terrifying

“I was 16 years old when I came to accept my pregnancy; living in denial for several months. Terrified to tell my family and ‘letting them down’. Once I did, although emotional, they were very supportive. They were worried….but demonstrated their love. After having a family meeting about my options, I found a social worker in the community to provide options counselling and this was the best thing. After exploring my options and making a pros and cons list of my hopes and dreams for the baby and for myself, my decision became clear. Hard….but clear. Today, I have no regrets and my birth son is an amazing young man with an amazing family. I am now married, parenting and have a career that I know I was meant to have. I wish you support, love and hopefully peace in whatever your journey and decision are.”

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3. All’s well that ends well

“My cousin found herself in this exact place a couple of years ago. She got pregnant unexpectedly, and her parents did not even know she was dating at the time. She was so scared to tell her family and boyfriend, and although they were shocked at first everyone was so supportive of her throughout the entire process. Her beautiful baby girl is just over a year old, and the entire family loves her so much. My cousin is so thankful she chose to keep her beautiful baby even though she was so scared and unsure. If someone you know is in this position, please know there are so many resources that can help.”

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4. Consider all your options


“I am 8 weeks pregnant and it’s TOTALLY UNPLANNED and me and my boyfriend we’re going to keep it but we decided that right now we are not financially responsible and we live in a one bedroom apartment!!! We decided to do an abortion pill. I’m not going to say have an abortion but if you are financially stable and emotionally and you have a good home and you feel that your ready then go for it but whatever you chose don’t do it alone because the weight of all it will wear you down.”

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5. A miscarriage can be terrible

“I didn’t realise I was pregnant until I miscarried. I was 17 and stupid. I thought unplanned pregnancies happened to other people, not me. I didn’t tell anyone. I never went to the doctor. I didn’t even tell the father. He still doesn’t know. The only person I ever told the full story to is my current boyfriend. It came out in the toilet. I was extremely mentally ill at the time and was engaging in a lot of reckless behaviours including a lot of unprotected sex. The father, my ex-boyfriend, had recently dumped me. I had also been accused of lying about being raped (I wasn’t lying) and I was afraid of being accused of lying about being pregnant too, so I never told anyone. I named the baby Charlie because I don’t know if it was a boy or a girl. I still can’t say the words “I miscarried” out loud. When I told my boyfriend, I had to write it down and show him and had to make him promise never to bring it up again. It’s so hard to talk about. Miscarriages hurt. A LOT. And there’s … tissue. Sometimes you can see the partly formed embryo. It’s graphics and horrible. So much blood and pain. It’s like being in labour, complete with contractions and cervix dilation and total relief when the tissue finally gets through. For those who have experienced childbirth but not a miscarriage, I’d say my miscarriages (both about the 6-week development mark) were equivalent in pain to be 4 cm dilated in active labour.”

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6. In the end, it all works out

“I found out I was 5 months pregnant at 18. I was on the pill and my boyfriend worked away so was totally unexpected. I was devastated. My family was quietly disappointed. The dad was initially pleased but irresponsible. I ended up living with his grandmother as she was the only real support I had.

My daughter turned 7 this year and she has been the making of me. I had a reason to do well in life and be a good person. Because of her I did my nurse training, moved to a new town and we are genuinely best friends. I have never met such a kind-hearted, beautiful little girl and I strive to be a better person and do her proud.”

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7. Third time lucky!

“I have had three.

The first one, I was 19 and it was a birth control failure. Plan B was a pain in the ass to get back then. It wasn’t just going to the drug store and pulling off a shelf. Took my chances. I ended up pregnant and decided to get an abortion. This wasn’t a traumatic experience for me. It was, what it was. I wish I didn’t have to do it, but life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.

The second one, last year. Husband and I weren’t trying anymore. The baby was wanted. Ended in a missed miscarriage at 6 weeks. I didn’t know until I went to the OB thinking I was 10 weeks. D&C performed but had some complications. Needed a full lap exploration. Took me 2 weeks to heal when it should’ve only taken 2 days. This was a bit traumatic, but I made it through with minimal mental fuckery. Situational depression mostly.

Third one, 29 almost 30 weeks. She’s kicking my ribs currently. Husband and I stopped trying again. Went to Europe, came home with this stowaway. Due in March!”

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8. Everyone’s path is different


“I told my amazing boyfriend (we are long-term committed but both are a no on a baby), and he immediately came over with a bag of every brand of test. This helped him get over his disbelief and accept the reality of the situation. I then called PP and scheduled an abortion as soon as I could medically receive one. He took me, it was still awful, he fed me my favourite take out, and tucked me into bed for the rest of the day. He’s now snipped and life is good.

I think everyone’s path is different. I never had a doubt about what to do; I just hated that I got myself in the position. Own what is best for YOU first.”

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9. Emotional support is all one needs

“It was panic, partly because I did NOT want a child, because I was 19 and still living with my mom, and because I had only been dating my boyfriend for 3 months. I thought for sure that my mom was going to freak out, as she usually did, but she calmly asked what I was going to do and supported me. My lovely boyfriend sat there with me and supported me all the same. I made an appointment to have an abortion. Then, I miscarried. I felt lucky, and a little sad, but okay. We discovered that my birth control was expired.”

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