Men who are interested in learning more about how to satisfy their female partner in intimate interactions, there’s no better way than exploring her body and knowing more about sensual places. But what feels good to few women could feel very unpleasant to other women. Most of the men think if you touch the naughty spots on a woman’s body they will go nuts over you, but you are absolutely wrong.

Here are the 9 sensual places that you might have neglected but feel good at being touche to most of the women.

1. The ladylocks

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Running your hands gently through her hair send tingles down her spine. Let your fingers massage circles from her temples to the nape of her neck, and she’ll be putty in your hands.

2. Down Below

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Use your fingertips to caress the lower stomach and hips lightly, tracing your partner’s hip bones with your hands. Concentrating some affection on her pelvis is a very good idea.

3. Her Inner Thighs

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Be sure to focus on using a light touch here.Use your fingertips to trace the outline of your partner’s thighs, delicately exploring the area near the vagina.

4. Behind her knees

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On a daily basis, the knee is the most worked part of anybody. Imagine what glories lie behind. This area is one that most men don’t think of when trying to stimulate a woman, but it is, in fact, quite sensitive.

5. The Earlobes

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There are a surprising number of pleasurable nerve endings in a woman’s earlobes.

6. The Palms

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The palm of a woman’s hand is an innocuous spot to focus a little attention on without making people around you uncomfortable.

7. A Foot Massage

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Feet are one of the classic erogenous zones on both men and women. Giving your partner a foot massage as an introduction to an evening of physical intimacy can definitely help set the mood for further romance.

8. Her neck

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A woman’s neck is one of the most sensual places.

9. Her Toes

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