Wedding, unforgettable astound in one’s life…

Whole aura is blessed by bliss, ample of smile on everyone’s visage… Especially, bride and groom are overmuch excited as both are floating in the world of imagination whose first day is actually starts from night which is decorated by hazy lights and scented candles all over in an allured room having a bed which is covered by flowers… After all, they both preserved their virginity for so many years only for this night and now time has come to ditch it… But they don’t know, sooner or later that bed of flowers of which they are dreaming of is going to turn into bed of thorns…!!!

Actually, both are in the process to make a renewal of their license to freedom into bondage for whole life!!! It’s a kind of nature call, which is not indulgenced by everyone yet befit unavoidable requisite of everyone’s life, no one can’t ignore it, everyone wants this to be encounter in their life for sure, and contrarily it will definitely conceive a problem in time ahead…

Let’s now check!!! How what type of HELL SCHEME these couples activate together in their life through total of 10 hell earning points…?

Freedom… All kidding inside!

Freedom All kidding insides

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Only and only family, family friends, relatives and nothing else… This is what where a couple lives is revolving just like solar system-NON STOP… Freedom is lost like poop in drainage channel… Can’t get it back… College friends, colleagues, 1 hour talk on phone everything is lose one’s virginity.

Password… No more watchwords!!

Password No more watchword

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Fingers are accelerating automatically when run on keyboard while entering password ahead of others… These techniques was used before when you all were living in heaven but now you are living in hell baby… And now all of your accounts are authorized by your lovey chubby. Poor couples!!!

Networking accounts… Relatively inert

Networking accounts  Relatively inertss

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Every hour new DP, new status, new one LOL, new pictures…!!! 100 likes, 50 comments brings a huge smile on face before marriage… And now situation is vice-versa!!! Husband’s breakfast take over watsapp and lunch take over facebook… Too busy in personal life that, no space for facebook or watsapp…

Ownable, lost someplace

Ownable lost someplace

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What is own space??? Married one doesn’t know… because every vacant space in his/her life is overfilled by family and its responsibilities… Outing, shopping at own risk is only alive in dreams… Want a personal space, personal life beyond married life, but life is crawling from hands and all of us are busy in family planning… Good going!!!

Pee Poop and Diapers and beautiful hands…!!!

Pee Poop and Diapers and beautiful hands

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So cute, beautiful soft hands who never touched even a ‘jhadu’ before marriage are now busy in playing with pee, poop all over the day… Yes, I am talking about baby… Nose is stinking badly; fingers are slipping here and there and become greasy… But left with no choice, it is your duty and you need to execute it…

Tensions… Responsibilities; Your best ally’s

Tensions Responsibilities Your best ally s

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Gone those days when your forehead is smoothly flaunting and your hands was itching all the time… Money Money Money… EMIs, insurance, loans, basic expenses make your forehead much older than your face because wrinkles prepare them permanent home there!!!

Fatty vatty body… Stomach is nicknamed TOND

Fatty vatty body  Stomach is nicknamed TOND

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Missing that flat tummy too much, awww filled with too much air and gas now… Now clothes start boycott of the body… Especially dear husband’s tummy is now looks like as they are carrying a baby of 4-5 months in their paunch… And all cute mummies are looks like much older than their husbands… So Sad…!!!

Not more an attention whore…!

Not more a attention whore

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Even though I am also looking sexy, gorgeous and pretty also but why no is staring me??? Before marriage, when I attend any function, I stole all the couples of eyes their!!!… After marriage, this question is alarming in a wife’s mind… And this cutie question has only one unique exact answer… You are now a married woman baby…

Drinking… Not a single chance!!!

Drinking  Not a single chance

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With total of 7 rounds around havan kund, one more round is pledged by pitiful husband in form of an oath of not to ever touch empty glass of drink… Kissing it like dream come true… Lips are getting dry day by day, and only need a lip balm made up of beer or vodka…!!!