Being a woman is hard, to say the least. Women have been judged time and again for many things, we have listed below 8 such things that they have been taunted just about enough and it has to stop if we’re to have a better society:-

1. Dressing her own way-

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If her dress is short, she is a sl*t. If the dress is long, she is probably a snob. If the dress in neither too long neither too short, she is trying too hard. Why is it okay for men to roam around in shorts but when women do it, she has to bear catcalls and cheap stares?.

2. What type of a friend circle she has-

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A woman is judged if she has too many girl-friends or too many guy friends. Apparently, platonic relationships just cannot exist. So every time people take it to another level when they see a girl hanging out with her guy friend/friends, so much so that the nagging ones always find a reason to bring down a girl by slut-shaming her if they find her chilling with guys. On the other hand, the ones who have too many girl-friends are called out for being a b*itch and snob by guys because she is always with her girl gang.

3. For being herself-

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Dark, white, brown, skinny, fat, thin, healthy; a woman is judged for everything. Her colour, caste, creed, race starts to define her rather than her thoughts, ideas and beliefs.

4. For being Single-

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Just because we live in a patriarchal society, is it so unnatural for a girl to be without a man? No, she isn’t single because she is boring or “not enough”. It is because she chose to be. If a girl decides to remain unmarried or calls off her marriage, why do we need to make a fuss about that?

5. For not being single-

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If a girl is in a relationship, she is judged by society and classed into the category of character-less girls.

6. For her lifestyle-

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If a woman is going out for a drink, she is cheap, character-less and has no morals. This scenario gets worse when a woman goes out for a drink alone because obviously that means that she is lonely and alone not that she is free and independent.

7. For speaking her mind-

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Shameful it is to see the society silence a girl just because she’s a girl and so she should endure every kind of a pain in silence. She fears to come forward because she believes the society would anyway blame it all on her. Her pain remains unnoticed and unheard of.

8. For being ambitious.

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The respect for those women who decide to stay back at home and look after their families is immense. But it doesn’t mean every other woman should stay back home and give up on their ambitions. It’s okay to have dreams and aspirations and it’s okay to pursue them. It’s okay to aim for the stars and live for oneself and not just for others but that’s just not okay for women to do according to our society.