So you are one of the most dramatic and obsessed fans of the show “FRIENDS” and it’s been 13 years to be precise when it was last aired on 6 May 2004. At that time, you didn’t even know what shows like this existed because we all were busy in POGO, BEYBLADE and all and when we grew up watching this show nowadays we were going crazy for JOEY,  MONICA, CHANDLER, RACHEL and ROSS and the rest. though replacement of FRIENDS cannot be done there are some shows which match the level of craziness, love, hate and romance that was in “FRIENDS”

How I met your Mother-

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They were more than friends they considered each other family members, whether it was the Playboy Barnie or the confused person TED, Robin or the love couples Lily and Marshall. They used to hang out in a wine shop, go on wild adventures, strip clubs and so much and yeah sarcasm too was on point.

Sarabhai vs Sarabhai-

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Well this is an Indian show, but the comedy within the family was next level. Though they were family members, they used to fight each other like friends do whether it was playing pranks on each other or showing each other attitude not a single day was gone without funny incidents not happening between them. Season 1 used to be telecasted on Star One and now Season 2 is live on Hotstar.

New Girl-

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Jessica and her funny and confused roommates. Thier story revolves around each other day and night and their drinking games with fights with each other and Jess has always helped each of them to stay together.

Modern Family-

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Three families who are so connected with each other that they consider each other as a part of their family. They deal with kids, jobs, spouses and each other’s problems with unity.


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Story of a single guy who has all his friends in a serious relationship and he starts finding new a roommate after his ex-roommate gets married. Though he is able to get laid easily just like Barney Simpson his rest of his current roommate’s friends are not able too. It’s just like FRIENDS in a new area.

Cougar Town-

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Story of a recently divorced mother who finds herself maintaining a tough balance between the age of youth and beauty where she finds herself getting deep sunk but with the help of her friends she finds a way to liver her life.

The Big Bang Theory-

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Story of four nerdy physicists Leonard and Sheldon Cooper along with his friends deals with a crazy neighbour Penny when she moves and their lives take a twist with fun, drama, pranks, fights, love, romance and all sort of things.


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Employees work at Cloud 9, a big store where they deal with their job problems along with customers and problems in their personal life too but they love each other so much that they consider each other as a part of one big family.