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7 Ways To Make Lipstick Day A worth

I can take on the world but first I’ll need some lipstick.
One of the favorite day for ladies “LIPSTICK DAY”. Who doesn’t like coloring her lips and make them look cute, sexy and beautiful. So celebrate your lipstick day in the most amazing ways.

#1. Gift Yourself A New Lippy!


The best way to celebrate a day is to buy something and when it’s a lipstick day then buying a lippy is MUST. You can also grab the best deals for you.

#2. Forget Your Ruby Woo For A While!


Try some new popping color which you had not applied yet let it be Cobalt or Charcoal. Apply whichever is the craziest shade for you.

#3. Be Your Own Lipstick Mixologist!


Mix your old lippies and create your own new shade. It’s a day to do something different with The shades.

#4. Gift It To Your Fav Pal!


Give a present to the lady of your life like your mum, BFF, Girlfriend. This is a great way to celebrate this day with your loved ones.

#5. DP your Pouty Lips!


Showcase your sexy lips in your Facebook DP or Whatsapp, or any of your favourite social networking sites.

#6. Pen Down About Your Fav Lippy!


Write about the best lipstick you have till now. Share it on your status, a blog or your personal diary.

#7. Maybe An Ombre Lip This Time!


Paint your pout with a different technique like you never did it before. An ombre or dual shaded lips.

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