We are all born equal and but each individual  sets their own standards based on their experiences , habits, intellect and attitude and these standards make us exclusively who we are. Hence one must always keep heads and standards high!!

With this positive feeling look at the list of 7 things you need to stop dealing with for the sake of your standards.

1.Brutal behavior

Nobody ever on this earth has the right to abuse you in anyway neither verbally, physically or emotionally.

2.Dishonoring your parents

We all owe our existence to our parents; without them we would have not been in this world neither we are anything apart from them hence nobody ever should have a right to disrespect or dishonor them whatever the case may be.

3.False promises

A man or woman one should always value his words more than anything else in this world and those who believe promises are meant to be broken  do not deserve a place in your life.

4.Intervention in your privacy

We all have freedom and privacy is a part of  it which cannot be denied to anyone. Personal space is not less than a basic need in life.

5.Bartering your soul for money

Money is surely many things but not everything; our soul cannot be brought by money hence we should not engage in anything to which our consciousness does not agree because money never stays for long with one person.

6. Compromising on your aspirations

It’s the impact you’ve made on the world, your family, and your community and if you do not work for it right now you will have nothing to say but regret when you look back at the age of 90. so its not a wise decision to compromise your legacy in a vain effort to grasp “success,” accolades, security, or power.

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