KISS is an emotion that has different and varied connotations in every relation but what remains common is the feeling of love for none will kiss his enemy.


The kiss which we are going to talk about is the one that takes place between two adults who are mostly heterosexual. There’s always a first time for everything for which you are given relaxation and in this sense too you may not be judged on your first time but it will surely take place during the next so to stand upright on the expectations of others for a good kiss don’t you dare to miss these:


1.Never try to be bossy

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It’s never a good idea to dominate anyways but it is surely a big NO in kissing because it will be more merrier when mutual.

2. Keep calm

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Maintain your temper if your partner is not doing exactly as you expected because there may be multiple reasons for this which you are unaware of so try to stay patient and give your best.

3. God forbid Distraction

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Always remember to be 100% where you are and live the present without getting disturbed by past or future specially when it is kissing which deserves all of your attention.

4. Stay passionate

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The state of kissing is heavenly if you can carry it out properly so make sure you keep the spirits high and don’t lack energy or passion in the middle which may spoil a beautiful moment.

5.Avoid saliva

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Too much of saliva will irritate both of you and eventually make you feel disgusted enough to discontinue.

6.Don’t trust your tongue too much

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It’s good to use your tongue playfully once or twice it to mingle with each other’s tongue but don’t loose your control on it to save your moment.

7.Be slow and steady

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It’s the age old wining formula that slow and steady wins the race so bettr not to try going against it and then regret later.