Pop culture sets forth the criteria for ’real’ beauty: plump lips, model figure and more. Every facial flaw is easy to fix with makeup; a few strokes with a brush and you’re the most beautiful woman on Earth. But it’s not mascara, concealer or lipstick that makes a woman attractive. Makeup can emphasize her qualities, but real beauty is much more complicated.

1. Passions

A woman without enthusiasm and passion is often a bore. Sometimes life rolls over us like a truck. It’s hard for a woman to take time for herself and for her hobbies. Her daily routine is often limited to work and responsibilities at home. To be passionate about something is the only way out. If you come home and make time for yourself, life can be wonderful! Life is not just working all day long. A woman with passion is identified immediately; her eyes are sparkling in a different way. She is the one you want to follow and talk to endlessly

2. Compassion

Cold-hearted and selfish women love only themselves. No doubt, love for yourself is an excellent quality, but measure is a treasure. Who likes egoists? If a woman is incapable of feeling for others, who would feel for her?
Compassion is an attractive feature, and a woman who knows how to give and receive love is always much more desirable and attractive than any pompous woman.

3. Intelligence

There is a myth that beautiful women are not smart. In fact, this stereotype works in two directions: it is assumed that smart women aren’t beautiful, as they are absorbed in work and education and have no time for themselves.
It’s an odd stereotype. A woman who doesn’t take time to study and cultivate her mind is like a writer who never reads books. It’s like saying, ’I don’t need to understand the world — the world needs to understand me.’ The very pursuit of knowledge makes you attractive. Being smart is sexy.

4. Fun-loving spirit

Eternally gloomy people are not attractive. Of course, this doesn’t mean that a woman should always be in a good spirit; sometimes we face difficult times and grief is natural. But usually, difficulties pass, and it’s beautiful to find strength to go on and to enjoy every moment.
Positive spirit is contagious. Others want to have fun, too, and therefore, everyone longs for a cheerful and inquisitive woman.

5. Resilience

Nothing is more beautiful than a woman who refuses to give up. Tenacity, whether it’s in career, creative activities, relationships or sports, is inspiring. The world loves fighters.
Don’t misunderstand; this isn’t a call to arms against the consequences. But to set a goal and to strive and fight for achieving it can be attractive.

6. Self-confidence

A self-confident woman knows her advantages, though she doesn’t show them off and doesn’t ask for praise. She is proud of how she looks, thinks, speaks and acts. She is happy with who she is, and it’s beautiful.

7. Energy

Perhaps, energy is the sum of all the above-mentioned qualities. When a woman follows her passions, shows compassion, is smart, funny, refuses to give up, and believes herself to be worthy, she really is beautiful. She becomes the spark that lights up everyone around her.
Source: the-open-mind