7 Stages Of Going On A Road Trip With Your Friends

Monsoon is the best time for  a Road trip, but do you know it has a format too.

Here are 7 stages how your road trip will proceed.


Image Courtesy : Giphy

Planning is indeed the most difficult thing.

2. The Playlist

Image Courtesy : Giphy

You need good music to travel, that is a requisite.

3. Selfie Mania

Image Courtesy : Giphy

Stopping at every place to take a selfie for insta feed.

4. Lost in Melody

Image Courtesy : Giphy

losing yourself in music and amazing views

5. Annoyance at its best!

Image Courtesy : Giphy

Annoying each other to the hell of it.

6. Food = Highway Dhabas

Image Courtesy : Giphy

Because nothing can beat the local delicacies.

7. Reaching and Riding Back

Image Courtesy : Giphy

Finally reaching the destination and then getting ready to go back.

Happy Journey!