1. Virat Kohli is the first Indian captain to win 8 consecutive series across all formats. He breaks the record of former captain MS Dhoni who had won 7 consecutive series in 2013.

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  3. Under Kohli’s captaincy the team is more aggressive in it’s approach. This very aggression can create a win-win situation even in the most hopeless condition.
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  5. Kohli has a good connect with the young players of his team which helps the members to develop a healthy team spirit and work efficiently.
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  7. Kohli’s strategy is quite different from the former captains. He believes in holding on to the strike to build a good partnership in the beginning and in the final overs he lashes out on the bowlers scoring runs for his team.
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  9. The recent Indian captain has really strengthened the bowling order of the team. The usual combination played by the other captains were 6 batsmen and 4 bowlers. Virat however played a master stroke by appointing one all rounder which gave him a total of 5 bowlers thus strengthening the bowling line up.
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  11. We can find in Virat a mixture of  traits of both Yuvraj Singh and master blaster Sachin Tendulkar. A perfect combination of aggression and logic is what required to make a great captain.
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  13. Last but not the least , his virtue of humility helps him to acquire wisdom of the senior players as well as advice of junior players and lead his team towards innumerable victories.

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