Just like day and night commitment ,break up and patch up are part of one’s roller coaster ride that continues throughout life and may be a source of relief or pain depending upon the kind of relationship you shared.

Here is a list of 7 worst ways to break up with someone that one must avoid in case you are not willing to increase the pain for the other person.

1.Play Non-stop break up songs with them

This might sound funny and less painful since it does not hurt the person directly but it is not sure if the person will understand the reason behind doing this and may add to confusion.


Blind trust on the idea

out of sight out of mind

is not very beneficial in this case as it troubles the person more who is perturbed by thoughts of your well being while you are ignorant just for your cowardliness.

3.Honest Confession


Trying to be honest by giving their faults and flaws as a reason for breaking up with them is nothing but giving lame excuses and may also back fire as your partner may be willing to change in case their love was true or they wanted you to stay.

4.Online Break up


Just as people hook up online they also find it convenient to announce their break up over

Facebook, Instagram, Watsapp, email etc.

by changing their relationship status, removing pictures or simply dropping a text.

5.False hope

Breaking up with someone saying you may get back to them if their future seems good together just to lighten up the impact of shock is not really an idea worth appreciation because it will leave the person with false hope and they will never really be able to get over you.

6.Dragging it forever


Delaying a break up for anything will not prove fruitful for anyone but will rather generate the expectations of being together forever and then the news of break up will be totally shatter your partner.



This is the most blunt form of betrayal which will eventually lead to a break up and hence it appears tempting as it does not require any form of strength.