Life is nothing but travel which begins with sperm coming across mother’s womb before finally entering this world which means travel is linked with life and BOLLYWOOD too is no less in inspiring our lives to travel.

here is a list of 7 best Bollywood movies that convey that “travel is just as natural as is breathing”

1. Jab We Met

It’s just not Geet that drives the movie but also the amazing journey of Kareena and Shahid from Mumbai to Bhatinda that ends in the snow of Manali and not to miss the song HUM JO CHALNE LAGE TO CHALNE LAGE  YEH RAASTE which is simply cherry on the cake which attracts us to admire the beauty of roads that lead us to the destination.

2. Piku

Though the movie is woven around the theme of a daughter-parent relationship it completely qualifies to be a travelogue movie from the journey towards its climax. The road trip Amitabh Bachhan desires for from Delhi to Kolkata is a very unique idea in the present times where nobody is willing to undertake such a long road route.

3. Dil Dhadakne Do

This movie paints a parallel across the journey of life and the journey of a ship (actually cruise) that makes the movie worth watching besides it also advocates the Indian tradition of family vacation that is becoming extinct these days.

4. Anjaana Anjaani

Well many of us might have forgotten the movie but it surely can’t be missed when we talk of travel because of the amazing concept of journey this movie paints; the movie begins with the protagonists trying to end their journey of life but eventually undertake a new journey before they die and this journey gives them a new identification.

5. Bajrangi Bhaijaan

The movie that taught us the value and existence of humanity does not lack the motivation to travel in fact it gives the strongest motivation ever to travel as Salman Khan travels all the way to Pakistan without even the basic necessity such as visa which proves that it is only and only the will and reason to travel and nothing else.

6. Pk

The most celebrated movie PK can be termed as a travelogue movie since it effectively showcases the travel of an alien to our planet earth which is 1000 times the normal travel we undertake in our lives and also the definition of travel that Aamir Khan has explored in his search of God is truly commendable that forces you to travel in the search of truth.

7. Queen

The self-explanatory title of the movie not only dominates it but also compliments it in a decent way which is superbly enacted by Kangana Ranaut which instills self-confidence in every girl who nurtures the dreams to roam around the world deep inside the heart but is forced to surrender to the rules against her desires; the movie inspires all the girls to be a QUEEN of their own hearts and life undertaking their own journeys.