Every man checks out girls because it’s a natural trait that we tend to be attracted towards the opposite gender no matter how much we resist. ( MAAN MAI LADOO PHOOTA)!!.  Every girl on this planet differs but the way men check out girls will always remain universal. They check these physical qualities in a woman


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The way she smiles and the way she talks!!. Just a small killer smile needs to flatter the hardest of hard men.


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Men prefer women with less makeup as they can easily point out your skin tone. They want to see the real beauty of your face.


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Men prefer women with a little bit of high pitch but that does not mean they like a saxophone.


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Men love small waist and a big butt. They can’t just resist this temptation. The second thing after face they check out this. They think waist to hip ratio matters in terms of sex, babies and many more imagination thoughts.


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Men tend to get aroused whenever they see a woman in red. They just automatically get hypnotized towards them no matter what just like a bull marching towards the red cloth. Scientists have proven that wearing red enhances attraction. Red is associated with lust.


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If you have beautiful and bouncy hair, men will automatically check you out more because it is a trait of youthfulness and fertility. ( The assumption is that the way a girl treats her hair with care so they will also take care of their babies like this) (KHYALI PULAO)

So ladies now you know what your guy looks at when he’s grinning at you.