Although making money from online gaming involves uncertainty, you cannot stop the proliferation of online games globally. The domain is risky, but learning the skills and abiding by the norms can save you in the long run.

For example, knowing the carrom board rules to play carrom online is the most effective hack that improves your game. Maintaining an accurate position throughout the game.  It can ruin your game and chances of winning when your position is uncomfortable and inaccurate. It is going to be a vital carrom club hack unequivocally.

You can apply six striking strategies to make an efficient break shot and pot the carrom men.

How to play carrom and win money online?

Carrom has immense popularity throughout the globe. Playing online is more convenient due to the ease of playing. For online carrom playing, the player has to pocket all the assigned pieces, either the white or the black ones.

Once you make this arrangement assign the queen for cover, followed by the last assigned coin for cover. Pocket all the assigned pieces to win the match.

If it is a freestyle match, you need to score higher than your opponent by the time you have any coins left on the board. Position the striker on the two circles at the player’s side or between the two lines.

Remember, if you commit a foul, you will have to pay your penalty, and you will lose one of your coins, placing it on the center resulting in the turns to end.

Know the best carrom board trick shots and include them in your game to win it. So, here are some carrom shots for you that guarantee a win:

  • Side shot
  • Middle shot
  • Cut and take
  • Thumb hot
  • Alley-oop
  • Second hit
  • Board shot
  • Cut shot

So, you know the shots, correct? Well, time to discuss the best carrom tips and tricks to play carrom board game online. Are you ready? Be ready because even when earning money does not become your primary motto, these tips help you to win and earn money.

6 Most Useful Carrom Hack

Playing with the right attitude:

Come with an apt mindset to play any game with fun and relaxation. Even when you’re losing, such a positive attitude will help you to win in the end. While playing online cash games, never let your emotions interfere with the game, and keep a good balance between online gaming and your daily life.

Practicing different striking styles:   

Learn varied striking styles. Use your middle finger and thumb style, long upright fingerstyle, index finger, index fingerstyle, thumbshot, and thumb style for this.

Practicing accurate speed:

You lose the game if you lack the speed and power forpotting the carrom men while playing an online carrom game. The carrom men must enter the intended pocket with enough force and speed. The carrom coins will not reach the pocket when the speed and force are not accurate, even when it is an easy shot. The carrom men will rebound if you apply more force than required.

Getting the right direction to strike:

Maintaining the accuracy in direction becomes critical for potting the carrom men while playing carrom. For instance, you need to put in some additional force when you want to make a precise cut shot. When you practice cutting angles to pot the carrom men, you should direct the striker in the right direction. Check the position of the pockets, the board, the carrom men who block the target coin, and the baselines of the edges.

Positioning yourself comfortably:

Knowing the distance between the carrom board and your are comfortable for you to strike before you start playing.

Remember, balancing takes precedence. When you’re playing carrom, be calm and composed, let go of any tension and concentrate on the game properly. Be careful so that your physical discomfort does not ruin your performance.

Giving due importance to the queen:
Giving due importance to the queen is important while playing online carrom games. Remember, the queen is marked with a different color. Thus, yielding more points than regular coins. When you don’t hide the queen, continue the turns and place the queen in the middle of the board.


Earning money from the online carrom board game is not an uphill task.

The article has discussed some of the best online carrom game winning tips that no one usually talks about, but we wanted to shed light on it. Why? Well, because we believe these will benefit from playing carrom online and earning some real money out of it.

To master the skills of the game, you must employ a carrom club winning strategy so that your opponent cannot steal it from you. Practice this carrom club hack trick regularly to improve your skills for online carrom games and earn money in no time.

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